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Teaching In China

What have you done America??

 well it’s official I can not go back to America to live again.  This election was just embarassing and anyone that thinks otherwise is just blinded with selfishness and hate. We just set ourselves back in time about 100 years. No I can predict one of two things 1) someone will assasinate him or 2) the 2nd Civil War. There is no where that I see that things will get better. 

Wondering how China feels about the elections??? They are laughing their asses off. They think we are idiots. Britain thinks we make the biggest mistake in western history.  

I’m really afraid of all the disrespect we Americans will now receive abroad. Before they were a bit afraid of us so we were protected. Now….they just point and laugh at us.  Thanks a lot America. 

Now I will just sit back and watch my country crash and burn. Plus side, as China rises to be the new superpower I’m already here. I am pretty sure this was not what our forefathers would have wanted. Sorry, Abe Lincoln …. we should have done better.  

Until next time …..

Apple Pen, Pineapple Pen

Our school wanted to think of something different to do for marketing, so one of the leaders and I decided to hop on the viral video craze.  So we created a video for our school to get us some recognition.   We tried to get the entire school involved but some people did not make the cut…. (sorry boss you didnt have enough swag for the lead) The star of this video is an English Teacher named Jungle (dont ask me, I dont know) and of course ME!!

Please take a look and tell me what you think by posting comments on Youtube.  Enjoy!!!

until next time…..

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