Have some questions you have been wanting answers to?  Want some tips on dating Asian men or women?  Are you Asian and you want some tips on starting a relationship with a foreigner?  Are you just wanting to know about dating outside your race?  Wondering about living in China or making the move to another country?   Or do you just want to hear my opinion on a topic… because I am quite opinionated……

I will post and answer your questions… no holds bar… ask me anything and I will answer it…with the truth…whether you like it or not…….. hey… Just Ask

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Here we go…..

I am a teacher on the military base here although my hubby and I are not military we are allowed on the base to work and shop. We live off-base and my daughter goes to the local school. I chose that for her instead of the American school. She loves it and her Japanese is quite good.

We go through homesickness when I think about how I can run to Wal-Mart for something but other than that not so much. I guess it is because of the base. We in fact go to the states every year but last year we only stayed 2 weeks because we wanted to come home (back to Okinawa). LOL

But I wanted to start a blog of my own of my experience here with the locals and being black in Okinawa, which is quite different from a black experience in Japan I understand.

How do I go about getting or starting a blog? Yours is beautiful. I have not read it all because everything is blocked at work so I have to do it at home, but I plan to read more.

Also, whenever I visit somewhere I always like to visit the REAL places not the tourist places. So perhaps you can clue me in as to what to see and where to stay that is fun but not so touristy (if that is a word). LOL but I DO want to see the Great Wall though. I may be asking for too much huh? LOL

Thank you so much for reading my blog.. and for the compliment.  When I wanted to start a blog… I first had a lot of trouble… since so many websites are blocked in China.  You will probably not have that problem in Japan.   Then I noticed that several of my very good friends had their blog sites….. and  that is how I found the site my website is on.  WordPress.com … It was about the only one that I could find that was free, first and that I could read in China (most of the time) .. What is also nice about this website is that they help you to design and create your site.

Also, you’re not asking too much… what I have learned in China is that the educated people are actually interested in foreigners and are happy to befriend you.   But they are usually to afraid to talk to you at first. So, when traveling in China and you stop at a restaurant filled with Chinese folks and you see someone smile at you speak to them.  More than likely they want to say something to you but do not know how to start.   Most Chinese I have met this way are very, very kind and will be happy to tell you or even show you where the great spots are in their town.   I do know that Zhejiang Province is one of the richest ones in China so you must visit.  (that is where I am) Also if you go to the big cities you are usually going to see things similar to any other big city in the world.  It is the small Cities, towns and villages you must visit to see the traditional old stuff that most people are interested in.. So make a new friend and ask them what small town or village they would suggest you visit.   The Great Wall, Palaces, and Terracotta Warriors are nice.. but ever one sees them.. and they are in the North of China….I am in the South.. where Hangzhou City is located… and Shanghai… best thing is to be open to different things, because you will be amazed when you see what you can find.