Life Behind The Wall

Thoughts and Experiences of a Black American Woman in China



My name is Jo.. and i like to live life to its fullest and share my experiences and thoughts with those who lead a little tamer life. I want to open the world and let people know that .. you can Dream it and Do it...

OH LAWD! My Filling Fell out!

Well, we all know that nobody likes to go to the dentist.. and I am not so fond of it myself.  So, I made a point 10 years ago before I came to China, to do all major work I... Continue Reading →


Did My VIP Student Just Come Out To Me?

Well boys and girls, it has been a very interesting week, to say the least.  I went to school as normal and I have a girl who is quite the Tomboy that is a VIP student of mine.  We will... Continue Reading →

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