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Being a member of Generation X.. Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston played a very large role in my life as a teenager and young adult.  I don’t think I would really be the person I am without having listened, sang, and danced to both of their music.  They were both well-loved by myself, by America… and … by China and the world.

Every KTV (karaoke) Bar in China.. has just about every Whitney and Michael Jackson song every written.   I think they are the most well-known American singers in China by far.   I think every Chinese person can sing at least one of their songs in English… but couldn’t say anything else if you asked them.   But they know and love themselves some Whitney and Michael. Yes ma’am.

If they are not copying the dance moves of Michael on every variety show on tv.. they are trying to sing like Whitney on every music show on tv.   I am amazed by the popularity,especially due to the fact that they are Black American.  We all know how some in China are not to keen on Black folks.

However, Michael and Whitney  were and are both very loved in China, maybe more than in the states.  When the news about Whitney’s passing hit China… I think every one of my students sent me a message, phone call or email letting me know.   Some people were actually in tears when I saw them.

I think the one thing that cross cultures, traditions, and national boundaries… would have to be music.   I can honestly say that Michael and Whitney… brought the Chinese people closer to America… and the American culture.  It changed their entire music scene.

People say these two influenced America and left a lasting impact.. but I say .. they both influenced the world.  I have lived here long enough to know how hard it is to get the locals to accept something new… and to change anything.   (even my husband) .. but if Michael and Whitney were able to change and influence  a country like China then they are truly amazing.

I will miss them both with all my heart…. I remember I use to wait with excitement when a new Michael video was coming out… or practice Whitney’s songs over and over.. until I could almost hit every high note.  .. hehehe… I still do…hehehe

I will never forget…. Lin Yu Chun  from Taiwan.. who sang Whitney’s song … he sounded so much like her.. that when you closed your eyes you thought you were listening to her.  Check out the link.

Taiwanese Lin Yu Chun Sings “I Will Always Love You”

Now this… is a tribute to Whitney….The world is a better place having them be apart of it.

Rest In Peace both of you .. and Thank you for helping me get thru High School…I love you.

until next time….